Türkiye (Turkey)

Türkiye At A Glance

Capital: Ankara

Currency: Turkish Iira (1 Iira is equal to .061 USD)

Language: Turkish

Climate: Ankara’s average temperature in January is 31 °F, 73 °F in July

Best Time to Visit: April, May, September, and October

Popular Cuisine: Döner Kebab, Açma, Lokum, Dolma, Manti, Baklava, Kofta, Börek, and Dondurma

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Our Favorite Destinations:


Ephesus was the Roman capital of Asia Minor, known as the crown jewel of the Seven Churches of Revelation. It was famous for the Temple of Artemis, the Celsius Library, and the Odeon, a 24,000 seat theater.


One of the Seven Churches of Revelation, the city featured impressive temples, a library, medical facilities, and a hillside theater. Archaeologists estimate the city was built in the late 8th century BC. The city was remodeled under Trajan in 113-114 AD before being severely weakened by an earthquake in 262 A.D.


Ancient Sardis was the capital of Lydia and had a large prosperous Jewish community, which produced the largest synagogue outside of Israel. It is also one of the Seven Churches of Revelation.

Philadelphia (Alaşehir)

Ancient Philadelphia was established in 189 BC. It is the sixth of the Seven Churches of Revelation. 


The site of the tomb of Philip the Apostle. The hot springs there have been used as a spa since 2nd century BC. The city suffered 2 major earthquakes before being rebuilt after 60 A.D.


Laodicea is one of the seven churches of Revelation. It’s estimated to have been built in 261-253 BC and had a large Jewish population. It was a very wealthy city due to its location on a trade route. The existing site includes a stadium, temples, baths, a Senate House, and two theaters.