Wow – What a fantastic time we had! Our group loved every part of it. We all appreciate your helpfulness and willingness to bend well over backwards to allow this tour to even happen, much less the special touches you provided (Peter’s Fish luncheon and Farewell dinner in Joppa). We were blessed beyond our expectations.

It was a pleasure working with Jim Ashmore and our incredible guide, Roni Winter. We all felt safe and cared for the entire time we were there. The weather was super, even with two days of rain in Jerusalem right at the end of our tour. Every question our group had was skillfully answered or handled with quality and class. It made me proud to mention your name and company to all who asked.

..I look forward to future tours with you and your agency. You are a blessing and we’re all grateful for all you did to truly make this tour a memorable one.

Pastor Chuck Atherton, Senior Pastor Tulare First Assembly, CA

On two occasions I’ve had the privilege of visiting Israel and the Holy Land.  Few things in life have changed me like those experiences.  It is my hope and prayer that every pastor, Bible teacher, and believer has the opportunity to visit Israel during his or her lifetime.  If you go, you will never be the same.

Sandy Richardson, Christian and owner of Madison Tours and Travel, has been a wonderful friend to us as she has carefully packaged each day (from the time we left our home to our return) with tremendous accommodations, meals, travel comfort, and days packed full of thrilling Bible sites and information. I feel that her guides are the best (my friends agree).

I want to write this letter and recommend Sandy Richardson because I truly hope that you can visit the land of the Bible on one of her FANTASTIC Holy Land Tours.

Dr. Wayde Goodall, President & Founder:World Wide Family.org, AGMD, Springfield, MO

 I am writing to highly recommend to you the service and ministry of Sandy Richardson, owner of Madison Tours and Travel.  I have worked with her in arranging tours to both Turkey and Israel I have led. Always, I have found her to be experienced, professional, delightful to work with, and quite knowledgeable in arranging my tours.  She is especially communicative, keeping you informed throughout the stateside tour planning process. She will answer all your questions thoroughly and quickly. Without hesitation, I believe you will find her service and ministry to you and your group of the highest quality.

Dr. Dwaine Braddy. Retired Professor Northwest University, Kirkland, WA

Thank you for your excellent service and hospitality. Everything was well organized and my wife and I really enjoyed ourselves without a worry about making connections, finding a bed or missing a meal. Thank you again and may God bless you and your staff.

Wayne and Jan Maxson, Tour Participant, April 2014

I have been on many Holy Land Trips but the one we took with Madison Tours was the best. Superior service from start to finish. Awesome guides who were very knowledgeable of everything. I highly recommend Madison Tours for your greatest Holy Land experience.

Gary Sapp, Mission of Mercy National Representative

I have been to Israel and the Middle East 14 times.  When my original travel agent retired a friend recommended Madison Travel.  What an outstanding group!  My experience with Madison Travel has been outstanding.  They have a high level of service coupled with a common spiritual vision.  They know what a Pastor wants in leading a tour and they make it happen.  Even though I am experienced, they have made suggestions which have improved the experience and taken my tours to new levels.  Whether this is your first tour or your twentieth tour you will benefit by working with Madison Travel.  I recommend them heartily.

Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten, Cedar Park Church, Bothell, WA

On behalf of our church group and choir, thank you so much for all you did to prepare and facilitate our tour. Passengers have expressed their appreciation of both the spiritual and cultural experiences of the tour. They have returned with a new prospective of the Bible and of Israel’s significance in Judeo-Christian faith and history.  In addition, the choir concerts gave us the opportunity to share gospel music with Israeli audiences. We know that your long relationship with our local host, Amiel Tours, was key to managing the daily itinerary and extra activities such as the concerts, ramparts tour and folk dance presentation even for nearly 200 passengers with a very full schedule. And, of course, Turkey was an amazing place in Christian history and learning, too.

We are grateful for your personal commitment to creating a memorable journey for us.  It is clear how much you desire believers to grown in their faith through their experience of the Holy Land – and we did.

Dr. Jim Dixon, Cherry Hills Community Church, Denver, CO

I wanted to let you know that we had the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. I remember at our first meeting with you and you said that it would change our lives. I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but you were right.  It has changed my life.

Nancy Shimomura, Life Center, Tacoma, WA

Just wanted to send you a quick note to express my deep gratitude for you making our trip to Israel a reality. What a life changing experience! It far exceeded any expectations that I had of what it would be like. Roni [tour guide] is phenomenal! His knowledge of the Bible and his insights made the Bible come alive. Our lives were enriched not only from being in Israel but by getting to know Roni personally. I can’t begin to describe all that impacted our lives from this marvelous experience. For us, this would not have happened without your generosity. I’m confident that this is only the beginning of our trips to the Holy Land. I’m sure that as our team begins sharing their experiences with their friends we will have many others who will want to experience Israel for themselves. 

Pastor John Johnson, Covina Assembly of God, CA

We arrived safely home a short while ago. Throughout our trip home, we saw God’s goodness and provision and we were surrounded by kind, helpful people –from the driver who took us to the airport, Sandy’s rep who met us at the airport …walked with us through check-in, security, customs, etc. All of these folks made our travel home very smooth and stress-free.

This trip was an experience of a lifetime that we will not forget. It was amazing to be in the Holy Land, to be able to walk where Jesus walked, and to feel His presence throughout the trip.  We also were blessed to make new friends.

Sandy Tanaka, Tour Participant, September 2014

Mr. Schwartz was such a blessing to our church family. His knowledge of Israel history and the Bible is extraordinarily vast and profound as no one we have ever heard. The attendees returned to each class with great expectations and they were not disappointed. We also left each class with a plethora of newly found facts, information, and descriptions in regards to Israel history.

We are deeply grateful to Mr. Schwartz for allowing us to bask in the history of this beautiful country of Israel. To our Christian heritage Israel is the very foundation of our faith.

Senior Pastor Misael J. Zaragoza, Christian Center of National City, San Diego, CA

Your trip for us was amazing! You did such a good job of picking the right tour guides both in Turkey and in Israel. Both [tour guides] knew relevant history and about our Bible and what we wanted to look at so it was so fulfilling, it was a real blessing to have taken this trip. We got to experience so much and we really appreciate everything that Madison Tours did for us to make this trip unique for our group, thanks a lot!

Teresa Larson Lee, Tour Participant, October 2013

Our trip was amazing!  Our people came home and shared their experiences, and we have an excited group wanting to go next year. God was so good on the trip. He met us at every site in many special ways. It was truly a never-to-be-forgotten trip…

Thank you for your untiring effort to make this trip possible. Anat and Saed [our tour guides] were amazing!

Carolyn Nichols, Senior Pastor, Southport Christian Center, National City, CA