Importance to Believers

The Reformation of the 16th Century was a historical movement that stood against the Church of Rome which reigned throughout Europe with false teachings and the practice of indulgences. By shedding the light of truth on the religion of the day, a new branch of Christianity called Protestantism was born. This deeply impacted not only the spiritual life of man, but also the social, cultural and political sphere of Europe.

As evangelical Christians, we are children of this powerful movement. Visiting the sites of the Reformation will not only enhance our knowledge of important historical events, but empower us to be diligent in protecting the purity of the Gospel. Many Reformers sacrificed their lives merely by possessing a copy of the Bible and defending the written Word of God. It was a dark time in history, but God was faithful to build His church across Europe by way of the uncompromising boldness of the Reformers.

Witness history come alive by following the paths of some of the great Reformers through beautiful cities and countryside in Europe including Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, and England. Taking a deeper look into the roots of Protestantism will lead us to reflect upon our own dedication to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

– See the actual room where Martin Luther translated the New Testament in ten weeks at Wartburg Castle in Eisenach. Visit his home, university and church in Wittenberg where God revealed the true meaning of scriptures to him. In Worms, Luther stood boldly before the Aristocrats as they demanded a recant of his 95 Theses or be subject to death.

– Explore the Grossmunster in Zurich where Ulrich Zwingli preached salvation through grace and the battlefield where he gave his life for truth of the Gospel.

– Stand where John Knox preached the fiery sermon at St. Andrews after his mentor, George Wishart, was burned at the stake for teaching the Bible in the original language of Greek.

– Discover where William Tyndale used his gifts and insight by translating and printing the Bible into common language, paving the way for the Gospel message to spread throughout the world.

– And several more sites to visit with rich history to unveil…