How to Plan a Tour

Planning Time

– It is good to begin planning your tour 6 months to one year in advance. Although arrangements can be made in a shorter time period, this leeway will give you more options for hotels, dates and flights.

– Choose your approximate travel dates.

– Seasons can affect your tour price. Generally, seasons are as follows:
Shoulder Season: March-May and September-November
Peak Season: June-September
Low Season: November-March

– Jewish Holidays are considered Peak Season. Seasons will vary slightly each year.

Group Sizes

– A minimum of 20 tour members is recommended for a group. However, we can price tours for groups of any sizes.

– Decide on a realistic minimum and maximum number of participants you anticipate for your tour. Tour price is based upon the number of estimated tour members.

– Smaller groups can be arranged to join with another church group to be cost effective. Regional groups, covering several churches, can be arranged.


– Several carriers are considered for your tour. The airline used for your tour depends on what type of flight plan is important to you (i.e. non-stop from US).

– Airlines are also considered if you are visiting more than one country.

– Deposits of $100 per seat is required by airlines to guarantee rates and seats needed for each tour group. The deposit is fully refundable after the travel takes place and specific dates are given by the airlines to reduce the number of seats reserved or to cancel reservations without penalty of deposit.

Hotel Accommodations

– Your tour price will vary according to the type of accommodations you choose for your tour.

– Location of your hotel will vary the price. Hotels that are close to major sites or those with special views are more costly.

Customize Your Itinerary

– For sample itineraries, please contact our office.

– It is impossible to see everything in 7 or 8 days of touring. You must decide on what sites you feel are most important for your group.

– Consider how many days you would like for your complete tour package, (allow 2 or 3 days for travel) how many days or sightseeing and if you would like to offer a free day to your participants.

– Consider whether or not you would like to add a special lunch, a farewell dinner, baptism, or adventure activities.

Complimentary Tour Hosts

– Complimentary tours can be built into the final price of your tour. Because all of our tours are customized, we will work closely with you to make sure we meet your needs.

Taxes, Tip and Fuel Surcharge

– We highly recommend including gratuities for guides, driver and hotel staff in your tour price. This enables us to offer the guides generous tips, ensuring we continue to offer our groups the best guides.

– By collecting tips in the tour price, the funds can be given to the tour host to distribute as needed.

– Taxes and fuel surcharge cannot be guaranteed by the airline. We can only give you the current fuel surcharge, final amount will be determined 30 days before your departure. Should the airline impose an increase, the difference will need to collected before departure.


– Our tour price always includes a customized brochure for your tour.

– Begin promoting early to give your people plenty of time to prepare.

– Spread the enthusiasm! The number of participants will largely depend on your excitement for the tour.

– Invite your church to join you on this life changing journey. “Come and go with me!”

– Hold informational meetings and “Holy Land”, “Biblical Lands” nights.

– We can provide you with materials needed to promote your tour. (posters, video clips, photos, hand-outs, brochures, etc)

Registering Tour Members

– Tour members register directly with us. We handle the registrations and gather all pertinent information from passengers.

– We handle the collection of deposits and all payments from individual tour members.

– All funds collected for tours are held in a trust account until payments are made to our various operators.

Final Documents

– Final passenger documents arrive 2-3 weeks before departure.

– Package includes a map, name tag, luggage tags and a complete informational booklet to include hotel information, rooming list, comprehensive itinerary, and helpful details on traveling to the Holy Land.

Madison Tours and Travel is available to assist you and your tour members to ensure your tour is at the highest level possible. After all, this will be a journey of a lifetime!