Israel At A Glance

Capital: Jerusalem

Currency: Israeli New Shekel (1 shekel is equal to .30 USD)

Language: Hebrew

Climate: Average temperature is 57 °F in January, 79 °F in July

Best Time to Visit: September-May

Popular Cuisine: Tahini, Sabich, Israeli Salad, Kugel, Matzah, Challah

Sample 10-Day Tour Itinerary

Our Favorite Destinations:


Begin at the Jewish Quarter and see Hezekiah’s Wall, built in preparation for Judah’s rebellion against Assyria. Reflect and pray at the Western wall before walking through the Tunnels to see the remarkable excavation of ancient Jerusalem. Walk on the Southern Steps, the only entrance for all who visited the temple during the time of Christ. Explore the City of David and visit the Pools of Siloam, where Jesus healed the blind man.

The Dead Sea

See the site of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery and tour Masada, where the Jewish Zealots made their final stand against Rome in 73 AD. Visit Ein Gedi, where David hid from Saul. Best of all, float in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea!


Spend time in the garden where Jesus prayed before His crucifixion. Walk the Via Dolorosa, the path Jesus walked from His trial to the cross, and see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on the traditional site of His crucifixion. End the day with communion at the Garden Tomb.

Beit She'an

Explore the remains of a Decapolis Capital, Israel’s largest excavation. The city was destroyed in an earthquake in 749 AD. Over 20 layers of remains from ancient civilizations have been found here, including those of the Israelites, Canaanites, Egyptians, and Philistines. It is known as the site where King Saul and his sons hung from the walls of the city.


Visit the home of Peter, Andrew, James, and John, where Jesus spent most of His time and did most of His miracles. See the ancient synagogue where He taught and the archaeological gardens.


Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and enjoy time of praise and worship. This site is also where Jesus walked on water, calmed the storm, fed the multitude, and preached the Sermon on the Mount.